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Sales Manager

We invite to cooperation Sales Manager/Sales Manager

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Type of employment: remote work Requirements: experience from 1 year

Vacancy description

We are the tribe’s graphic design and web development studio. In connection with the expansion of our client department, we invite to work the Sales Manager / Sales Manager. Stable work on an ongoing basis in remote mode (we work without reference to the office). We open the specialist’s position “Sales Manager in an IT studio (website design and development)”

Tasks that will need to be addressed:
  • Presentation and consultation on the product (design or development of sites). Sale and pre-sale product.
  • Work with warm clients (mostly) + work with new clients (negotiations, approval of price and terms), formation of healthy relations with the client)
  • Reporting to Bitrix (we train)
For this you need to own and know:
  • Experience in sales and negotiations (in any field). Experience in IT, Digital and design will be a big plus.
  • The ability to build long-term relationships with customers, identify needs and formulate a proposal for their tasks
  • Literacy, activity, analytical mind
  • Excellent knowledge of PC, Microsoft Office software, messengers
  • Ability to work at home, wired internet and a good computer
In return, we offer you:
  • Convenient schedule. Mode 5/2 from 9 to 19 remotely (breaks, lunch)
  • Operational communication. Discussion of working moments in Skype
  • Freedom of action and decisions, respect and mutual assistance. We help to join the work and adapt as soon as possible, we are always ready to help.
  • Education and development. Webinars within the work team
  • Worthy progressive and timely wages.
  • 1 month trial period: rate + premium = 5 – 7 thousand UAH. In Spanish One of our managers will work with the trainee in order to actively help with his own example to deal with the tasks. After the test. Term: 8000−15 000+ UAH, with a transparent calculation of the estimated all projects for the month of the manager

We are waiting for your resume, if now you are looking for a stable and really interesting job remotely, you see yourself as an effective manager, and all you lack is a strong team.

We will be glad to read in the Cover Letter from you why you see yourself in our team, and be able to list some of your achievements or interesting results!