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3 signs of obsolete site. Part 1

Your site began to bring less revenue? The number of applications has become less? Increased failure rate or decreased effectiveness of the landing pages?

Did your site generate less revenue? The number of applications has become less? Increased failure rate or decreased effectiveness of the landing pages? All these are signs of an outdated site. But how to define it? Let’s figure it out.

Responsive design “tablet” from an outdated site

If your site does not have a responsive (mobile) design, then it is clearly inferior to everyone. Resources not adapted for smartphones and tablets are significantly inferior in efficiency and lose the lion’s share of traffic. This is confirmed by the data of the Global Digital 2019 report, prepared by the agency We Are Social together with the Hootsuite SMM platform. It says that today in the world more than 5.11 billion users prefer to view information from smartphones. And this figure is 2% more than last year. Moreover, the era of Google’s mobile-first index algorithm has arrived, due to which non-optimized websites are losing ground. Conclusion: urgently launch the mobile version.

Structure and its optimization

Any web resource undergoes changes over time – new sections, suggestions appear, and as a result more content will appear. And often, in order to save money, they do it in a hurry and mold it wherever necessary. Because of what the structure suffers and chaos begins, in which it is simply impossible for the buyer to find a particular product. Yes, and why waste time on completing such quests, if you can just go to a competitor from the issue? A simple, clear, minimalistic structure makes your audience understand that you respect their time and at the same time simplifies the steps to perform the desired action. And the fewer these steps, the better. Conclusion: analyze the site and its structure, review the category tree and the order of placement of information, otherwise you will lose customers.

The site is outdated if you do not update the functionality

The world of the web is developing rapidly and every year more and more modern technologies and opportunities appear. And as you know, if your site is inferior to the competitors, customers will simply go to them. The introduction of new and efficient technologies simply requires that the web resource continues to live and work out its tasks. These chips include:

  • chat bots;
  • mobile search;
  • voice search;
  • widgets of recommended or related products;
  • online calculators;
  • active phone number to call;
  • sharing widgets on social networks, etc.

And this is not a complete list of what can be realized on the resource today. But, as with everything, you need to know when to stop. Conclusion: if you understand that you lack additional functionality, conduct an audit of competitors’ sites! We just started to understand the issues of an outdated site, and this is not all that I wanted to say. Therefore, in the next article we will talk about a few other nuances that will help to “refresh” your web resource. P.S. If one of the three points listed above is a sore subject for you, do not waste time and introduce new technologies! Every day delays = loss of traffic and sales!

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