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4 ways to find your style in web design

In design, as in society, there is pressure to imitate the most successful. Just as someone copies the image of his idol, customers are often asked to adopt design elements (and sometimes the entire layout) from top sites.

This can make the client satisfied, and it will be useful for pumping in the design, but copying is not the most desirable task for creative individuals. Real job satisfaction comes when we create something. Even if the new project is not 100% different from what we created earlier, we still want to leave our unique handwriting in everything we do.

And in fact, there is nothing wrong with some consistency, the sequence from project to project. A particular style is often the hallmark of creative people. Artists, actors and musicians are constantly using their “chips” in different projects. Web designers can do the same.

But how, in principle, to find your own style in a world where there is so much imitation? Let’s look at several ways to help you with this.

Create something for yourself

One of the best ways to start developing your own style is to start your own project. Choose a topic that interests you and do something based on it. You can create a blog about your favorite sports team or a page of music reviews. No matter what the topic will be, the main thing is that it evokes your creative impulses and desire to work.

It is not necessary to give all the free time to this work, it is not necessary to take it to the public. Your task is to understand and feel the freedom of work, which depends only on you, and which you fully control.

When no one tells you what to do, there is freedom for experimentation, and you can try things you don’t even think about when doing other people’s orders. The author of the article himself felt the benefit of this approach. Working on his own projects, he discovered new tools and techniques that he later applied in his main job.
Your personal project should not strain. If the work on your favorite topic was just work, then you are too deep into the process. This work should help you relax and remember why you love creativity.

Learn something new

One of the advantages of the profession of a web designer is the many opportunities for continuous learning. Simply select an interesting topic and you will find many online lessons and courses. The good news is that most of these courses and lessons are free. That is, even those who are limited in the budget can afford to educate themselves.

Allocate time to study and increase skills – this is one way to open yourself in the profession. The more you study, the faster you will become free in creative expression and you will find your own style.

For example, content management systems like WordPress are very popular today, and we often work with other people’s themes and plugins. These are great tools. They are useful and provide many opportunities, but do not really help creative expression.

But if you learn how to create themes and plugins, you can take the process into your own hands. Instead of using someone else’s vision, you will do exactly what you need.

Take a rest

Being a sought-after professional is good, but sometimes you find yourself hostage to your employment. It’s easy to get stuck in an office job and start missing other important things. Such a lifestyle does not help you build your creative personality.

It is very important for the mind and body to get out of the working chair and drastically change the situation. If you like to be in nature, make time to the weekend to go out of town. If nature is not yours, go shopping, to a theater or a museum. The main thing – move away from the daily routine and schedule.

Constantly being in the office and a lot of work will sooner or later make you bored so much that you just become counterproductive. Find people and places that inspire you. When it comes time to return to work, you will feel refreshed and ready to go.

Just be yourself

We often look at successful people, and we want to be like them. But it’s all about perception. We can look with envy at someone else’s design (text, lifestyle, etc.). We can even repeat their actions or work. But in fact, we always see only a part of the picture.

A person can be admired for various reasons, but in the end he still remains a person – just as imperfect as ourselves. And they themselves, too, probably admire someone and want to be able to do something that other people can do.

Inspired by good example. Learn to trust yourself, believe in yourself and do not be afraid to go your own way, creating your own style.

Posted by: Eric Karkovack
Translation: dejurka.ru

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