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LG logo design

How did the well-known company LG develop on its way? What historical facts are known to us today about this brand? All answers in our article!

LG history logo

The company was founded in 1958 as Goldstar Electronics. The company re-branded in 1995 the original LG logo with the slogan “Life’s Good”. In 2011, the logo received a glossy 3D effect, which the company uses today.


When you first look at the logo, what do you see? Hi, winks happy face! In the LG logo is hidden smiley, no doubt a smart decision. The letters “LG” coincide with the slogan of Life’s Good Company and the best way to make these words a reality is a happy face. In addition, G has the shape of a button, which is very suitable for an electronic company. I will tell you that this is a clever idea. The LG logo uses a red circle in its design to indicate friendship, community and longevity. This shade of red is officially “LG’s unique red.” This is not a particularly glamorous way of describing color, but it underlines how important red is and its color properties for their brand. In its windows, the campaign displays the logo in 3D. This gives it a futuristic appeal, which, according to LG, helps to “enhance the visual impact of the logo and helps to better convey their qualities”


Note that the simplicity in the logo is key. The LG logo design finds ways to convey all of its brand properties in one color, two letters, and simple shapes. A great logo can create a brand identity with just a few elements. Do not overdo it! LG also provides us with another example of a hidden image in logo design. If you can reveal your creative side and do something similar, this is a very innovative way of presenting your brand qualities. If you need to create a logo for your business, call us right now, Tribe’s graphic design studio will surely help you!

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