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Do-it-yourself design: 4 principles

What factors should be considered when creating a design? How can the style you create influence the development of the brand itself? Below are all the answers!

The design attracts, especially the individual design with their own hands, thought out from the very beginning. This is an indisputable fact, which is daily confirmed in our life. And why? There are always a lot of discussions and conflicting opinions on this topic. In order to come to a single answer, you need to learn techniques that make the design visually appealing. Such techniques can be found in every example of good design.

How to make a design with your own hands?

The main task in developing a design is to best illustrate a specific topic, to find a unique and unique approach to each project. Successful design allows you to organize the content of the topic in the form of a structured logical sequence. Such an approach only increases the chances of information being noticed. Graphic design is an independent direction of modern art and is used in all areas of the visual environment – from short advertisements to multi-page printed edition.

The principle of good design №1 Air

We often want to place as much information as possible in a limited space in order to convey to the user the maximum amount of details. As a result, we can get burnt porridge from pictures and text that does not carry the semantic load. In order for the title, to which you selected the font for three hours, to work, you need to select free space from the total mass. Also by increasing or decreasing the space between the elements, you can influence the logical connection between them. The arrangement of interconnected elements at a short distance from each other (and unrelated elements at a distance) is a simple principle that can play a huge role in design. The grouping of interrelated elements automatically makes the design more logical and organized. The concept of white space in the design is to ensure that each element has enough free space. This can be achieved with the help of fields, empty space around the elements and between them, large line spacing and much more. The design in which the balance between empty space and filled is observed, not only looks beautiful, but is also easier to perceive.

The principle of good design №2 Form

What forms are and what they look like is not difficult – we learn this as children, studying cubes and pyramids. Roughly speaking, this is something round next to something square. At the same time, do not forget about the contrast of forms and their sizes. For example, if we place two figures of different shape, but of the same size and color, they will inevitably conflict. But if it is a big purple circle and a small yellow square, then a contrast will happen between them. Also the form sets the dynamics. Dynamics is the direction of shapes, fonts and other elements that create movement in the working airspace. With the help of different forms and directions, design can cause an association. For example, when they say “apple” to us, we think about something round red (or green). Use it in your design!

The principle of good design №3 Font

Font headsets value. The sweetest phrase in the world can look like written blood on Hogwarts wall if you picked up an inappropriate headset for it. Play with fonts! Do not forget about the contrast and rhythm in the text. The simplest example of creating a font contrast is when the heading has a bold typeface (heavy and thick typeface), and the subtitle has a light type (light and thin typeface). In a good design, one typeface can be used, and the contrast is set using different typefaces (structures) – bold, light, regular, italic, etc. Open any journal and you will be convinced.

The principle of good design №4 Interactivity

The design clarifies the structure of the product, so it should be clear. In addition, it can make talking about the product. The design should “talk” with the consumer, be comfortable and intuitive. Nothing should be accidental or left to chance. At the moment when you get to work, try to get all unnecessary thoughts out of your head, such as where the inspiration is, what a cool designer I will be, how much I will receive money, how I will spend them, etc. Just focus on work. It’s like riding a bike. The main thing once to feel the buzz, and then this state you will not be confused with anything!

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