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How to maintain a WordPress site?

"WordPress" is a platform for creating a website and promoting it in a search engine, you need to be able to manage such optimization engine!

As mentioned in past articles, your website is one of the most significant assets. If this is a WordPress site, it should be easy to manage and update. Since the Internet is so vital in our lives, it is surprising that a large number of websites are not properly supported. Too many people think that the site is the “Launch it and forget it” project, but this is far from being true! It is important that your site is modern and secure.

Why you need to manage WordPress site

Daily management of the site is necessary for many reasons, but they are all associated with the same “worst case scenario”: it will simply become inaccessible to users. As soon as your website stops working, you will somehow start losing money, even if someone has to pay to start working again. A simple website can cause bad hosting, but this is only one of the reasons why it can stop working. Plug-ins, site settings, bad coding, spammers, and other factors can lead to a website crash. Because of all this, there is no doubt that you have to devote time to your site every day.

How to do it

Graphic design studio “Tribe” hopes that the above facts scared you a little (in a good way) and inspired you to manage the site correctly. Here are three main ways to keep it safe and sound: – Choose a good hosting. Hosting has a huge impact on the speed of your site and uptime, they can also offer a secure platform for making changes on the site before you run them. Choose specialized hosting for sites made on WordPress platform, as they provide more opportunities to work with them. – Daily backup your site (Backup). It is unreasonable to think that while your website is running, nothing can happen to it, so backup copies are incredibly important. Without daily backups, data can be lost, hackers can penetrate the site and completely block it. Although the hosting keeps a backup copy of the site on its servers, we strongly recommend that you do Backup, so as not to depend on the data center. – Update plugins, core and WordPress themes. Items that need to be updated to avoid errors and improve site security. To ensure that the site runs smoothly, make sure that you constantly update these elements. Nevertheless, these updates can have a negative impact on your site, be sure to check it after each upgrade. That is why backups are necessary, as you can return the working version of the site at any time! Proper site maintenance is not something to ignore, but now it has become clear to you that this is not so difficult. When many people miss this moment and do not monitor their resource, you can work with professionals who know how to keep it in excellent condition.

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