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Master class on the topic “Lettering”

The initial stage is the selection of a concise combination of 1-3 words to create a common composition. In my example, a popular expression from the American language was considered: “Keep going”.

Next, you should decide on the arrangement of words (in a row or column) and start searching for references. At this stage it is very important to correctly understand the transitions between letters and grasp the future image of the picture.

Creating an outline

After all the above rituals have sunk into the past, the most pleasant and disappointing inflated expectation of the moment comes. It is necessary to make a rough sketch, not bothering about the details. It takes practice, a lot of copying someone else’s work …)
So rushed:
1) It is necessary to turn off the fear of “white sheet” and quickly sketch out the first sketches with a soft brush with 70-80% transparency.
2) Further, all this action can be blurred and reduce the transparency of the layer.
3) Create a new layer and draw a fine raster sketch with a hard brush
4) Apply the deformation, move the letters, create proportionality, look at the general view.
5) We add details … we drink tea … we return to the sketch in half an hour and make final edits with a fresh look, or we redo everything if we have perfected a perfectionist.
P.S. the second leads to lack of sleep.

We proceed to the second stage:
1) We transfer our sketch to the illustrator, reduce its transparency to 50% and set the lock
2) Create a clean lettering option on the new contour layer
3) Add effects to your taste.
4) We put the thematic background
5) Enjoy and reflect on where in life, in addition to cards, you can use lettering)

Below I attached my brushes for FSH and useful links of cool artists and tutorials on YouTube. Good luck to all! )
Broadcast: Max

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