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Correct A/B Testing Website

Having gained a large audience of visitors on your site, you need to study their requirements for your site. Your task is to understand how people want to see your resource, this is our article today!

The beauty of any digital marketing is connected to the fact that you can test and analyze almost everything in real time to make sure that it meets your business goals and objectives. The conversion rate is the most important for your resource. A/B testing a website can help you determine which part of a site resonates most with your visitors.

Website testing

If you hear about A/B testing for the first time, it is a process of separately testing two or more versions of the same item in order to understand which one is the most effective. Several things are tested, ranging from clicks to the duration of a page. Tribe’s graphic design studio helps you find out what things on your website are worth checking out to further maximize your conversion rate.


This may seem strange, but typography plays an important role in the conversion of your site. Although it makes no sense to test every font, but there are several details that you can check. Sans Serif vs Serif: It’s true that flowers added to fonts (serif type fonts, such as Times New Roman) or removed from them (sans serifs such as Helvetica) affect how successful your site’s content is. Although the types of fonts used on sites are based on the business brand, many sites use a combination of serif and serial fonts. Check which one is more effective for headers, body content, etc. Color: try to use more familiar colors, the text should be easy to read and be noticeable. However, you can still check which text color resonates better with your visitors. Size: testing different font sizes can help you measure user activity and their “clicks.” No matter what text size you use on your web site, it should be legible on all devices.


In the digital world, content is a crucial part of your site, so it’s worth checking out too. Length: There are cases where long form content is more effective than short form, and vice versa, each business will have different results when testing content length. Text and other forms of content: today content does not always mean text, it varies from video content to podcasts. Each audience prefers its own form of content delivery, and it may be worth checking what your audience responds to better.

Images and background

Does your audience respond better to images with people? What background is more interesting for your visitors? Have there been photos on your site since it was launched? The images you use can affect the success of your pages, and you need to understand which pictures your users prefer. Regardless of what you choose to test with tests, keep this in mind: check only one item at a time. If you want to change five different parts on the page, you cannot fully know which of these elements gave the result. A/B testing can be a tedious process, and you may not see serious results from it, but in today’s world of competition, any advantage you can get is worth it! If you have any questions related to design or web development, be sure to contact us and we will help you bypass your competitors!

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