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Proper writing in the email newsletter

How to use such a common tool as Email Newsletter? Many ask the question, and we will consult you in detail in this article!

Writing a letter in the Email newsletter is actually done in a rather simple way, your main task is not only to attract a subscriber, but also to make him regularly interested in your news and resource accordingly.

Basic rules for writing a letter in the email newsletter

The layout of letters has its own characteristics and typical structure. Usually located on top of the eye-catching picture. Below that is the text followed by a call to action. The inverted pyramid method is used. The bright and unusual picture attracts attention, after which we gradually lead the client to the need to go to the site using the link located at the very end of the letter. Design is very important, and the more unusual it is, the more effectively it affects our desire to “try” an offer, order a product or service, and so on. After the picture, it is very important to correctly, compactly and at the same time describe your offer in as much detail as possible, indicating its benefits and advantages compared to its competitors and opportunities for the client.

Avoid anonymity

Writing an email in an email list from an anonymous number is not the best option to promote your offer. The subscriber must be “real” – this will increase customer loyalty and trust. The audience will be positioned to accept information and participate in mailings. Sending emails should be done at regular intervals. For example, one or two times a week is enough for news. The best time is traditionally considered the morning of Tuesday and Thursday. How to make a letter for distribution. If there is simply no good news? It is necessary to become “useful” for the client. Create a regularly updated blog about city news, interesting use of ordinary things, weather and sports news. In the end, if you have an online store, then regularly play various gifts among your audience in social networks. Make an announcement in the mailing list. This kind of improvisation will definitely bear fruit.

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