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Site content, then design

Creating a website from scratch, it is important to make it a useful user. Graphic design studio "Tribe" never starts building a website with design. In fact, this is one of the last steps of our process.

We firmly believe that effective website design goes beyond colors, fonts and layout; It focuses on the user, his needs and the main call to action on the website. To make the site successful, we will focus on its content in advance and strongly recommend that you do this. That’s why:

Trends come and go

Clients come up with all these ideas about the latest trends that they want to see on their website, while rarely using them with data based on their visitors or their goals on the website. This is not something that we are upset about, as we like to help our clients implement ideas together, but when they get stuck in trends, they lose touch with the user. Plus, like many trends, they come and go. While the site looks perfect today, in a few years it will look outdated (plus the design does not provide any advantages in SEO). We recommend spending more time on your content to meet the needs of users, rather than your design, then your website will be much better.

Importance of content

In recent years, content has become increasingly important, this fact alone should convince you to focus on the content of the site, before its design. The design may intrigue your visitors, but the content is what they ultimately need. Thus, messaging and content are no doubt the core of the website. Design elements should complement and highlight key messages.

Elements to Consider Before Designing

Creating a website from scratch is finding a balance in your process. If you are going to optimize your pages for SEO, you need to do this before writing content for the website and decide on the pages you need to create. Once these issues are resolved, you can begin to create a site framework. Wireframing should be the first step in development, as it will be easier to add visual elements to pages later. The process of creating the site is phased, and before the design you need to go through many steps. We have completed many projects with our streamlined process and understanding that it’s best to create a flawless website from scratch.

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