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Create a design project

We have tried to describe for you in this article all the stages of creating a design project, our specialists have something to share with you!

A design project is something special for each design developer, because those who love this work always invest their soul in each work. Everyone who sees me for the first time often thinks that I am a formidable and despotic designer – especially when our meeting falls on the “without inspiration” period. But sometimes inspiration leaves me and then I go on long walks to the river or to the park, and maybe even to the mountains (if my ideas are very tight). But when the sun is shining, the mood is excellent and ideas overwhelm the head, then I make a cup of my favorite tea and get down to work.

Design project, where to start?

Each new project is a small life that I live with the customer. I hone for associations, I look at it from different angles and try to get as close as possible to the target role of the project, because if you want to find a criminal, think like a criminal. At the stage of collecting information, all my requests to Google can confuse or greatly surprise a simple man in the street. Therefore, it is better not to look at my screen from the back. Every idea I put in pieces. I check each character and image so that the visual is as close as possible to the semantic content. I recheck the finished work several times, I did not miss anything, did it convey the image. But when the project is handed over, I will admire it a little, I will collect all the notes, pictures and associations in one folder. And with peace of mind I will go to rest.

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