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Fresh trends in web design 2019

Design quality is one of the most important secrets of the success of any web project. And in order not to be trapped, it is important to remember about the latest trends.

If you still do not know which popular trends in web design are in 2019, and which became hopelessly outdated, read our new article. Go!

Screaming colors

The use of color for the designer is one of the main tools, and no one will ever be able to forbid it. In 2019, in the trend, there will be juicy, even flashy colors that can evoke the user’s emotion, and their proper selection and layout will make these emotions as correct as possible for promoting UTP.

Fullscreen video with web design components

Content every year becomes more and more complex, but at the same time fascinating and interesting. And what is the most effective way to convey the message and maximum information? Of course, the video! And advanced designers have long begun to use the chip of full-screen video as a background, which we recommend.

Interaction and animation

Sites already have long ceased to be just static pages with the information provided. Now they become closer to the user and draw him into a dialogue, with the help of interactions and animation. Elements of interaction and moving parts are becoming increasingly popular and affect target actions. In addition, it is a great way to present more information.

More space

The style of minimalism for several years has been actively leading in almost all areas. Pages with a minimum of various graphic elements allow you to make the most important thing – to focus the user’s attention on the most important information. In addition, a large white screen (or rather the background) allows you to keep the visitor’s attention, visually increasing the space.

Modular grid

The trend of using a broken page grid this year is actively strengthening its position. The modular grid allows for more ambitious and extraordinary ideas. But be careful, because here it is important to think over the entire structure to the smallest detail and not to forget about the main rule – we read the information from left to right. Therefore, all the most important things you want to pay attention to should be located on the left.

Geometry and patterns

The trend of using various geometric shapes, shapes and patterns is gaining momentum. Proper selection of elements will be able to easily update the concept of site design and make it more interesting for users. Apply web design trends from time to time is a must, the audience loves it!

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