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The impact of images on the site

How exactly the images can affect the performance of the site? Today we will answer this question and give advice on the selection of images for the site.

Your site needs high-quality images to attract the attention of users. The impact of images on the site maintains the overall integrity of the content and helps users to work with the website. Remember your childhood. Your favorite books were probably filled with colorful pictures, and, although you liked the stories, but first of all you paid attention to the images. Graphic design studio “Tribe” will tell you how clear images can lead to the success of your site.

SEO improvement

If you want your site to be competitive and have a strong online reputation, search engine optimization should always be in your head. Good images enhance your SEO as they illustrate your content. Make sure that all the images you use are related to the information on this page. It is important to understand that search engines cannot “see” your images, they rely on the alt text and the name of the image file to describe it. Along with text elements, your images should be scalable and sized so as not to slow down your site.

Improving information transfer

As we have said, people respond to images more quickly than they do to content, and if your site is filled with high-quality photos, you will attract more visitors. You should strive to use your pictures to tell a story or better explain your content. Think of it this way: the more visitors know about your services or product, the stronger the connection that is created with your company, which leads to an improvement in conversion.

Reduce the failure rate

In case you do not know what the bounce rate is, this is the percentage of site visitors who left without even looking at it. A high bounce rate means that your website did not provide the user with what he was looking for. By adding high-quality photos, you encourage users to explore your site in more detail, which can help reduce bounce rates.

Improving site interaction

The above points make it clear that using good images improves user interaction with your site. Would you go to a site where there are NO pictures, just text? Most likely, you would be amazed by the amount of content and, perhaps, doubted the reputation of the site. Using good images, you are improving the UX site, people will want to explore it and, perhaps, contact you personally to learn more. To find out more about images on websites, contact us today and we will be happy to assist you.

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