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Branding of vehicles

Branding of corporate transport. In the design studio "Plemya" you can order branding of a car, bus or any other transport.

To say that auto branding is an exquisite useless luxury is by no means impossible! This is the main type of advertising for huge successful companies, if you want to order this kind of service, then you are really on the right track! We have been developing branding of cars for quite a long time and we know what a huge profit of additional traffic is created in the organization thanks to such a seemingly simple marketing move.

8 steps to an ideal project

  1. Getting a project
  2. Briefing
  3. Concept development and TT formation
  4. Development and coordination of style and design
  5. Signing of documents and payment
  6. Development
  7. Matching
  8. Signing of documents and payment of the project
  • from 5 000 RUB
  • from 10 days
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