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Marketing Kit

Ordering a marketing whale for business in studios Plemya is the right solution for raising sales. The marketing kit from the Plemya will sell everything for you.

Before creating a Marketing Kit, you need to understand the main task, namely, to show your audience not just your product and services, but also the difference from competitors. What are you better than others? We perfectly understand this rule and are ready to do everything to ensure that your marketing-kit is the epitome of modern design and originality. We know what we are talking about; the development of a multitude of projects has given us tremendous experience that we have been using for more than one year and are keeping up with the times!

8 steps to an ideal project

  1. Getting a project
  2. Briefing
  3. Concept development and TT formation
  4. Development and coordination of style and design
  5. Signing of documents and payment
  6. Development
  7. Matching
  8. Signing of documents and payment of the project
  • from 7 000 RUB
  • from 10 days
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